Work Life Balance!

Mmh, actually, balance, mmh?

Work Life Balance, rather an unknown term in this part of the world. Work?, …, Life?, …, Balance?

I have to ask a local fellow in order to find out about this kind of balance.

Everyay it goes: work, eat, sleep, work, …, five to six times a week and then it goes: sleep, eat, window shopping, eat, drink, sleep.

To be honest, what can be more fullfilling than work, if the option are merely foodcourt and “Haw Par Villa” and then foodcourt and “Vivo City”.

Unfortunately I do not have a maid to provide me some balance in the evening after work when I come home at least.

My precious kids are waiting for their father to come home and force them to do some homework and try to keep them away from the computer. That must be the balance I was talking about. The Life balance. But work is not done yet.

One thought on “Work Life Balance!

  1. Hi Joachim
    Good to see your old web design skills are being refreshed
    This is a great website, keep it up, more photo’s please and even more of your stories
    Best wishes

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