My Car

To be honest, I am not driving,

Some 14 years ago, when I arrived in Singapore, being an Angmoh and not driving was somewhat almost like being an Eagle without wings

Today it is quite a common sight and nothing to be worried about, Also Singaporeans have learned that not each and every Caucasian can afford a car,

I am driving taxi and bus and MRT and I am sometimes getting lifts from my colleagues.

Most of the times I have to take taxi to work, otherwise I would be moving around for almost 2 hours before reaching my office, walking, bus, MRT, changing MRT, bus, changing bus and walking again. Most colleagues would call it a 1 hours trip as they do not count waiting and walking.

Driving with a taxi can be joy and can be sorrow. Years ago I had deep relationships with some of the taxi drivers as our company used to have vouchers for one taxi operator only, Boon Lay taxi stand, was the name of the precious company.

Those taxi drivers knew my travelling patterns by heart and even advised me about life and food in Singapore.

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